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The funniest 60 minutes you will spend in Athens

Are you looking at the Athens attractions map and asking yourself: is that the best in Athens?
Same old, same old… Then, what to do in Athens if you are looking for different things to do? Fear not, honorable traveler!
This summer, next to the Acropolis, a unique performance of ancient Greek theatre (with a twist) will help you complete your experience of Greece.
So, join us daily at the Athenian Stage theatre, Tzireon 13, and enjoy “Medea and other friends I made in Athens”

About the play

“During his visit to the Acropolis, a present-day tourist slips and gets knocked out. When he awakens, he finds himself transported to the 5th century B.C, Athens.

There, he will have an intense talk with Medea, watch the daughters of Oedipus grieve, chase the god of Wealth himself around the Parthenon and find out how Odysseus solved a Cyclopean problem.”

Come watch a unique, funny and touching play right next to the Acropolis museum. Do not leave Greece without joining that thrilling experience.

The performances will take place from 2/5/19 until 22/6/19 at 15:00, and from 23/6/19 until 30/10/19 at 18:00.


18€ for Adults, 14€ for Children up to 12 years old, students and people with disabilities

About us

Medea and other friends I made in Athens

Dear visitors of Athens, KOILON productions has created a 60-minute show of ancient Greek theatre with a twist! Two renowned Greek directors, Michael Kalambokis and Alexandra Voutzouraki, have staged a unique performance that allows the spectators of every nationality to meet the deep, timeless messages of the ancient Greek civilization in the most entertaining and uncomplicating way.

The young and gifted actors, that give life to the characters they portray, are in alphabetical order: Thelma Georgiou-Argyro Gioltzopoulou-Amalia Kominou and Thanos Skopas.

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Judy O’Brien - May 22, 2019

Time travel

We came to the theatre having seen an online ad that read “Time travel/The Greek way” and that is exactly what we got! All those wise words by the great writers of antiquity made us want to watch the show again the very next day.

Zoe - May 21, 2019

Very nice

A beautiful show that makes us forget the time to immerse ourselves in the rich world of the Antiquity. Laughs and surprises guaranteed !

Yori Davillas - May 14, 2019

A very pleasant surprise

We came across the show while searching the web for things to do in Athens and decided to give it a try. We couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised!

Vasia - May 14, 2019

Unique experince

What a unique experience! We saw some of the major works of ancient greece in 60 minutes.

Domenico - May 14, 2019

Very moving

We laughed with the parts taken from Aristophanes’ plays and we were touched by the tragedies.